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   Course Outline for Fire Serpent Tantra.

   Your membership gives you one year's access and support for the first section of the course, which is focused on solo work. The first section is nearly 60 lessons, and is intended to be a personal and spiritual exploration to get to know your Self. Your own inner divinity as it is manifest thru the evolutionary process of Kundalini awakening.

   This first section is meant to be able to stand alone as a foundation course for understanding the principles of spiritual growth, useful to anyone with an interest in kundalini and surrender to Divine will.

   It will be followed by a second and third section available to graduates of the first section who renew their membership.
    The second section will build on the new self knowledge and spiritual gifts established by the solo work of the first section to explore sexual Tantra and submission with your human beloved.
    It will also take a deeper look at patriarchal culture, with an interest in clearing gender issues to become a better vessel for your androgynous spirit. Men accessing their feminine sensitivity and women accessing their leadership potential. Both genders attaining a balanced inner relationship between their male and fem sides.
   The third section will explore the exotic Fem-dom BDSM Tantra I specialize in. Sex magic games and kinky rituals of turning pain into pleasure. While the first section of the course is intended for a wide audience, this third section is only for dedicated spiritual fetishists who crave the intense spiritual fire and catharsis that comes of passionate intensity. Completion of the first two sections are required to build the spiritual talents and personal stability to be able to handle the fire without being burned.

   The second and third sections are under construction. Your membership gives you one years access to the first section. This is a listing of the topics covered in the first section of the course. Titles marked with serpents are links showing that lesson as the current preview.

   Part 1.

Our Bulletin board.
   The Fire Serpent Tantra Tea Room. The place to get support for your process and to chat with the other students.

The first 20 lessons are to build a foundation to give your spiritual growth strong roots in understanding.

  1. Introduction to Kundalini.

  2. Matriarchy & Goddess.
       Why this course is Matrifocal.

  3. The Sacredness of Sexuality.
       Acts of love and pleasure serve the Goddess.

  4. Roleplay & Responsibility.
       Learning to play safe.

  5. Aspects of Consciousness: The Jungian paradigm.
       A map of your psyche.

  6. Grounding.
  7. Grounding Animation..
       The foundation of the course work.

  8. Testing for Groundedness.
       How to know if you are grounded.

  9. Earth & Sky Energy.
       Chi and Kundalini Shakti.

  10. The Holy Trinity..
       The power of three.

  11. Chakra System..
       Your energy body.

  12. Opening the Heart Chakra.
       The still, small voice within.

  13. What are Entities??
       The nagging voices within.

  14. Entity Removal.
       Easy ways to evict Cooties, ghosties, astral squatters and resident thought forms.

  15. Testing your guides.
       If they cannot go into the light and come back to tell you how they enjoyed the trip, then they are not worthy of your trust.

  16. Waking the Serpents.
       Sparking the sacred fire of Kundalini.

  17. Bubble Spell for Computers.
       Psychic energy kills lightbulbs and crashes computers, unless you ask it not to. Now that you are awakened it's time to ask.

  18. House Spell.
       Clearing the energy of your home and creating sacred space.

  19. The Witness State.
       Learning detachment.

  20. Opening the Third Eye.
       The source of psychic perceptions.

  21. Slow and Steady: Pacing Yourself.
       John Lennon said "Instant Karma's going to get you." Best not to rush anything.

  22. Grounding in one breath.
       Once you have trained your body to respond to the full visualization, you are ready to learn a quick method.

    The next 10 lessons focus on establishing a relationship with your inner Divinity, and your body-mind.

  23. Ego & Higher Self.
       Getting them to trade places.

  24. Introducing the Divine Beloved.
       A shorter version of this lesson's essay is here.

  25. Reversed Gender People.
       Are you missing time from your childhood? It may be that your ego and unconscious traded places.

  26. Falling in Love With Your Self.
       The greatest romance there is.

  27. Body-talk.
       Understanding your body's language.

  28. Diet and Kundalini.
       No rules, just a few suggestions for health.

  29. Surrendering the Ego-self.
       Not my will by Thine be done.

  30. What are "Attachments"?
       Do you own stuff or does it own you?

  31. Seven Years.
       We get a new body every seven years.. down to the smallest molecule.

  32. Consummating the Sacred Marriage.
       Solo sexual tantra.. sacred acts of love and pleasure with the Divine Beloved.

    The next 4 lessons are about male and female differences.

  33. Sexual Responsibility & Libido.
        Nature gave us each our part to play.

  34. Gene Gender.
       All human fetuses are female for the first 6 weeks after conception.

  35. Brain Gender.
       Why men's and women's minds work differently.

  36. Sexual Energy and Gender.
       Women have potential for 10x the spiritual energy that men do. Men have the power to support women in reaching this potential, so they can bask in Her love.

  37. Additional Forms of Grounding.
       When emotional stress makes it hard to focus.

  38. The Mirror of All that Is.
       All that you can see, is a mirror of who you are. A reflection of your unique perspective. Are you willing to own it?

  39. What is Kundalini Psychosis?
       Fools rush in.. a word to the wise about where the ego traps are buried along the path.

  40. The Mirror Game.
       A bit of levity: Kundalini party tricks. Fun with your third eye.

    The next 6 lessons explore the concepts of Karma and Dharma, duality and non-duality. You really need to have aced the first lessons to understand these ones. This is the hard stuff.

  41. Karmic Law.
       What you send out, comes back multiplied.

  42. The Shadow Knows.
       Daemon is Latin for "inner Self".
       Seeing your reflection in what your ego thinks you are not. The Shadow side of the persona as seen by Jung and Shamanism.

  43. The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions.
       Accessing the wisdom of the Ugly Mirror of All that Is. Behind every "good intention" of the ego there is a fear that pulls your strings.

  44. The Trap of Righteousness.
       Good intentions and righteousness created the Spanish inquisition, and most other major holocausts.

  45. The Power of Love.
       The only magic worth doing.

  46. Magical Ethics: The Power of Thought.
       Now that you are empowered, your thoughts can affect other people. Some rules of Karma and consensuality to bear in mind.

  47. Using the Grounding to Clear Karma.
       Learning to surrender your blockages.

  48. Kegel Exercises: Pump up the Shakti!
       There is a way to increase the flow of K. and give your root chakra a workout.

  49. Kundalini & Genetics.
       The Serpents of Kundalini are your DNA unfolding it's mysteries.

  50. What You Resist, Persists.
       More reasons to persuade your ego to surrender.

  51. Cross Dressing as a Form of Worship.
       Letting your Divine Beloved out to play.

  52. The Power of Empathy.
       The greatest intimacy comes of shared feelings.. and the greatest agony.

  53. Siddhis: The Power of Miracles.
       Miracles are the side effects of awakening.

  54. The Void of Rebirth.
       The Dreamtime, the Womb of Goddess from where creation springs.

  55. Pre-Graduation preparation.
        Final preparations before the graduation ritual of attaining the Holy Grail.

  56. Ritual for Opening the Holy Grail.
       The Grail is the fully opened heart chakra.

  57. Understanding the Grail.
       Some science and magic for understanding.

  58. Closure of this section of the course.
       .. and introduction to the next.

   "Always remember, whatsoever I say to you, you can take it in two ways. You can simply take it on my authority, 'Because I say so, it must be true' -- then you will suffer, then you will not grow. Whatsoever I say, listen to it, try to understand it, implement it in your life, see how it works, and then come to your own conclusions. They may be the same, they may not be. They can never be exactly the same because you have a different personality, a unique being. Whatsoever I am saying is my own. It is bound to be in deep ways rooted in me. You may come to similar conclusions, but they cannot be exactly the same. So my conclusions should not be made your conclusions. You should try to understand me, you should try to learn, but you should not collect knowledge from me, you should not collect conclusions from me. Then your mind-body will grow.
    "My message is not a doctrine, not a philosophy. My message is a certain alchemy, a science of transformation."



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