Fire Serpent Tantra: Frequently asked questions.



Frequently asked questions.


   Thankyou for your interest in Fire Serpent Tantra.

    I have compiled this FAQ as an overview of the course information presented in the rest of this preview. Some of the links within the answers to the questions presented, are to documents elsewhere in this website that provide additional information on this topic.

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  1. What is Fire Serpent Tantra?
  2. Who is Mystress Angelique Serpent?
  3. What is Matriarchy?
  4. What form does this course take?
  5. Will I become Kundalini Awakened?
  6. What if I am awakened already?
  7. Is Kundalini awakening dangerous?
  8. I'm a Christian and I associate Serpents with the devil. Is this Black Magic?
  9. What is streaming media?
  10. Where is it streamed from?
  11. Do I need to download a viewer?
  12. What about technical support?
  13. Can I save the videos and watch them later?
  14. Can I take the course if I am visually handicapped?
  15. Can I take the course if my computer has low bandwidth?
  16. What do other people say about this course?
  17. Will I become your slave?
  18. Is this Wicca?
  19. What is Shaktipat?
  20. Do you brain wash people and make them join your Cult?
  21. Do I have to learn Sanskrit?
  22. What if I'm interested in Kundalini but not BDSM?
  23. What if I'm interested in BDSM but not Kundalini?
  24. Is the whole course online?
  25. Can couples take the course together?
  26. How long is the course?
  27. Why is it in 3 sections?
  28. What is Ascension?
  29. How long is the membership?
  30. What if I have questions?
  31. Do I have to become a vegetarian?
  32. Will I be enlightened at the end of it?

  1. What is Fire Serpent Tantra?
       Fire Serpent Tantra is a Kundalini awakening course to teach anyone to surrender to their own inner Divinity.
    Kundalini. is the force of Cosmic Consciousness, inherent potential within every person. At the beginning of the course the Kundalini is awakened, and then you will learn to surrender to Divine Will, and clear the Karma, limiting beliefs and emotional baggage that makes up the parts of you that keeps your consciousness separate from the Cosmic Consciousness of All that Is, and become a blissfully embodied vessel of your own Divine spirit.

  2. Who is Mystress Angelique Serpent?
       A brief bio is here.

  3. What is Matriarchy? What is Matriarchy? "Generally speaking, Matriarchy is an attitude that looks upon Deity as an unconditionally loving Mother, as opposed to the judgmental Father God of Patriarchal religion. It celebrates feminine values of compassion, nurturing and emotional expression. Spirit is truly genderless, but thinking of Deity as a Goddess, is a useful way to break out of the conditioning of male-dominated culture.

  4. What form does this course take?
       This course is entirely on-line. It makes good use of the new technology of streaming video, and every lesson opens with a streaming video of me speaking or demonstrating on the topic. Each video heads up a web page on that topic, with an essay lesson, exercises to practice, a transcript of the video, and some external links to other websites on that topic so students can get a wider perspective.
        Some of the pages have a short quiz that you have to pass, to get the link for the next lesson. Some of the pages also include experiences from other people I have taught, prior to the creation of this course, and I look forward to adding to this section with experiences of students who are taking the course.

  5. Will I become Kundalini Awakened?
       That will be as Goddess Wills, but most likely you have been drawn to this course for the purposes of your unfolding spiritual growth. Goddess within you has led you here, to be awakened, and it is She who gives you the curiosity and desire to explore further.
       Occasionally I have found that some seekers need preparation before awakening, so that the awakening process itself goes smoother. That preparation is built in to the program, with the ongoing grounding and spiritual lessons.
        I have faith that no-one will be drawn to take this program unless awakening is in their life-plan, so even if you are not awakened at the beginning of the course, most likely it will happen for you when the time is right, before your are through taking it.

  6. What if I am awakened already?
       Most of my work on-line, for the past several years has been advising people who have become spontaneously awakened, and helping them to come to terms with their ongoing experiences. Only awakened people can feel Kundalini Shakti, so if you can feel the energy of this site then you are already awakened. How has it been so far?
       The awakening, is only the beginning of the journey. If you are not sure if you are awakened, visit the
    Signs and Symptoms list.

  7. Is Kundalini awakening dangerous?
       Kundalini is considered to be the most powerful force in the Universe, and must be treated with respect. It can be a harrowing experience, and indeed some seekers do end up with mental difficulties and illness, especially those who become awakened spontaneously and resist the process out of fear, not understanding what is happening to them.
        That is why most Kundalini references don't recommend that you seek to awaken the Kundalini Fire unless you have a competent, experienced guide to help you through the rough spots. Once the Kundalini is awakened, it continues till it's work is done.
        I have found that by far, most of the difficulties encountered along the path, come of resistance to surrendering to the process. The ones who become spontaneously awakened and resist, seem to have the hardest time of it, and they are the ones whom I spend most of my time advising.
       This program is set up to give you a safe, gentle awakening and teach you how to surrender to the process so that your resistance will not cause you pain. Most of my students have a blissful awakening and a fairly fast and easy process.
        As Carl Jung said, "There is no coming to consciousness, without pain", and the road of Enlightenment is not always an easy one. However, I don't know anyone who would choose to go backwards, once they have tasted the bliss of Unconditional love and the joy of having a personal, intimate relationship with the Goddess.

  8. I'm a Christian and I associate Serpents with the devil. Is this Black Magic?
       No. Most emphatically not. This is about surrendering your will to Divine Will's plan for you.
       I would say that Kundalini will lead you to conflict with some forms of Fundamentalist Christianity, and to them this mysticism is decidedly Heretical, but God-dess is infinite, bigger than all of our human ideas about religion, including my own. The Pope recently, came out with a proclamation stating that Heaven and Hell are not places you go to after death, they are states of being in life. Kundalini is the road to clearing sin/Karma and experiencing Heaven while embodied. It is universal Consciousness.
       Christ's only commandment was to Love. You will find that many of your limiting, judgmental and exclusive religious beliefs may come up to be re-evaluated, and replaced with a more unconditionally loving paradigm, so you are able to channel and experience more love than you thought you ever could.
        Kundalini is very resonant with less judgmental, more inspirational forms of Christianity, such as Quakerism and Gnosticism. The Quakers and the Shakers were named for the effects of Kundalini Kriyas, reflexive shaking movements that are caused by the intense spiritual energy breaking thru the chains of Karma in the body.
       Serpents are demonized in some parts of the Bible, but not by Christ. Christ referred to himself as a Serpent, predicting the crucifixion by saying he would be a snake on a stick, raised up in the desert like the Rod of Moses. The Kundalini Serpent and the Serpent staff that Moses carried represent the same Divine energy that is the Cosmic Will behind human evolution.
        The early Gnostic Christians referred to the Holy Spirit as "God the Mother", who intercedes on behalf of our sins/Karma. These ideas were edited out of the Bible by the Council of Constantinople around 500 AD, when the Christian Church was politicized and the Bible rewritten into a fear based document to keep the illiterate in line. Kundalini may seem in opposition to some modern forms of Christianity, but it is true to the spirit of the original Christian ideals of surrendering to Divine Will speaking thru your heart, unconditional love and service-to-other.
        The Hebrews refer to the feminine principle of Divinity as Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, or the Shekinah. Joseph Campbell points out that there is a unity in all of the most ancient religions, in which the Cosmic Serpent is a symbol of the Creatrix-Mother Goddess. Prior to the beginnings of the "Age of Reason", around 1000 BC, the Hebrews story of Genesis had the Serpent as Creator. They adapted Genesis from the mythology of the Sumerians who came before them.

  9. What is streaming media?
       Videos are streamed from Vimeo. They can only be viewed on this website and cannot be downloaded.

  10. Do I need to download a viewer?
       No, the viewer is embedded in a pop up window on the web page and works with any browser.

  11. Where is it streamed from?
       Videofiles are streamed by

  12. What about technical support?
       Email Mystress if you have any issues.

  13. Can I save the videos and watch them later when I am off-line?
       No. You have to be online to watch them, and they can only be streamed to this website but you are encouraged to bookmark my web pages and revisit them as often as you like.

  14. Can I take the course if I am visualy handicapped?
       Yes. The videos are wonderful, because so much information can be communicated by sight and body language, however there are transcripts of each video included on each webpage lesson, and the pages work quite well with a screen reader. Even if you cannot see or hear the videos, there is still a lot of information in the course.

  15. Can I take the course if my computer has low bandwidth?
       Yes. Vimeo is very efficient.

  16. What do other people say about this course?
       Testimonials from my students and people I have helped by offering guidance are here.

  17. Will I become your slave?
       No. You are already a slave, to your ego, your desires, your fears, your limiting beliefs. I want to help set you free from that bondage, so you can become a blissful vessel of your own Divine Spirit. You will become a joyous slave to Divine Will speaking thru your own heart, and your Zen-silent mind. A slave to God-dess within you.
       You will be my student, but not my slave. FemDom is my sexual orientation but I keep professional boundaries with my students. It is all about teaching ego to submit to Divine Will, your own inner Divine Self.
       For several years now I have found that the insights into human nature that I learned in the BDSM world were useful to the non-fetishists I spoke to in person and on-line.
        I have observed that like Bob Dylan said, "Everybody gotta serve somebody".. or some thing. People enslave themselves to so many things. To keeping up with the Joneses, and to jobs that they hate, to unfulfilling relationships and foolish worries. Probably to a lot of things that you never looked at like that, before. These are what the Buddha meant, by "attachments". I would rather see you enslaved to your passion, to the will of your own Divine Spirit.
        I have found that submissive personalities seem to have very easy awakenings, because they find great joy in submitting to the will of the Divine Beloved.
       Zen study is often found at looking at opposing contradictions and different polarities, to find the third truth that is the middle path of linear thoughts. I want to teach you about the slavery you are already in, so you can learn to be free. Free to follow the voice of your heart. To follow your bliss.
       Kundalini is a Domin8rex, but She is a consensual one. Free Will is Goddess' law. You have to choose to surrender your mental bondage, in order to expand your consciousness.

  18. Is this Wicca?
       No. There are a few Wiccan ideas in this course, but I am not Wiccan. I am a Yogina, a Shaman and a Kundalini-Witch. In 2012 I became Avatar of the Planetary Gonsciousness.
       Wicca is a Free-will, ego based form of magic that uses the energy of prana, or chi, as do some forms of martial arts. Chi is life energy that can be manipulated by of free will. The Shakti energy of Kundalini is the power of Divine Will, and requires your surrender.

  19. What is Shaktipat?
       Shaktipat is the Eastern term for the transmission of Kundalini Shakti energy from Guru to seeker. The descent of Grace. I am a vessel of Shakti.
       This energy is not limited by the constraints of space and time, so you will be receiving some Shakti from me on an ongoing basis that is dependent on your receptivity to my teachings. Primarily the Shaktipat of information, is how the course teaches through the energy transmissions. I do not offer Shaktipat to awaken kundalini because it is better to self awaken through practicing the Grounding visualization faithfully.
       I do not control the effects of the energy I am a vessel for, Goddess has it handled, and She will make sure your system does not get overloaded.
        If you feel yourself becoming sleepy, that is a sign that your unconscious wants your ego out of the way in sleep, so it can make use of the Shaktipat from the lesson to clear your Karma, without your conscious mind interfering. Surrender to that and take a short nap, or at least, close your eyes and observe your thoughts and feelings without judging them. The energy often feels like it has an upward flow.
        Your thoughts at that time will represent your Karmic issues, and they will appear in your mind briefly on their way back to Goddess, like a stick floating down the river that comes into view, then passes by on it's way to the ocean.

  20. Do you brainwash people and make them join your Cult?
       I thought I throw this one right out front and address it, because it is an Archetypal fear of Western Culture that inevitably comes up, as the content of fear/karma washes away. I bet you wondered about it already.
       I think it is a very funny idea, and being a provocative sort, I like to answer "Yes", just to see the look on people's faces. I do not resist the fear that is releasing by the Will of Shakti. I offer it love and laughter that heals. Cult is the root of the word "Culture", as in "Western culture".
       If people ask me if I do brainwashing I respond, "Yes!! .... and it is wonderfully rewarding, because people feel so much better, with a shiny clean brain!!" Cleansing the lens of perception so the Divine Light of Spirit can shine through it.
        It amuses me to call my small Tribe of slaves and Priestesses, "My Cult", just to shock people. I like to poke people's buttons because it makes them reconsider their perceptions.
        The real answer of course, is NO. It is a school, you learn and you take what you learned and move on with your life, no strings attached. I would not have these spiritual attainments if I still had enough ego to want to be a cult leader.

  21. Do I have to learn Sanskrit?
       No. I use very few Sanskrit words in this course, mostly because despite many attempts I have not been able to learn Sanskrit, myself. I am not gifted in any languages but this one.
       Limitations can be gifts, if you turn them inside out. It seems Goddess shaped me to put complex mystical ideas, into simple pop-culture language that anybody can understand. I use a handful of Sanskrit words that don't have a near English equivalent, and I use the western names for the chakras.

  22. What if I'm interested in Kundalini but not BDSM?
       This program is primarily a foundational Kundalini program for learning to surrender to your Inner Self. I have many students who are not at all interested in BDSM, but who find slavery a useful metaphor for the process of surrender to Divine Will. I think that anyone who has fallen in love, knows what it is like to feel a slave to Love. When you feel like that about your own Divine Self, it does an end run around many of the obstacles and resistance that cause people difficulties with their awakening.

  23. What if I'm interested in BDSM but not Kundalini?
       Then you are probably on the wrong website.

  24. Is the whole course online?
       Yes. While I may decide to hold some conventions or workshops again in the future, the course is designed to be complete in an internet form.

  25. Can couples take the course together?
        Yes, and I think they would find it enriches their relationship. The first section is mostly solo work, but you will enjoy discussing it together.

  26. How long is the course?
        The first section is about 58 long webpages, and close to 6 hours of video altogether. I find most people take three years to really integrate it all, and ascend even though I shaped it into a one year program.

    Why is it in 3 sections?
       Back when it was written in 1999, I had an idea to write the course in three levels, but (it is 2018 now) I find I tend to add new lessons and content instead. Someday I may write other add ons for graduates.

  27. What is Ascension?
       Ascension is a spiritual attainment above self-realization. You ascend when you clear the karma of your body so completely that your vibration rises to non-duality and your energy body transforms to the vajra diamond body. This attainment has near-mytical status, associated with Ascended Masters like Babaji or Saint-Germaine. FST first opened in the summer of 2000, and since then so many students have become ascended, that it is not only the most effective ascension training in the world, but in the history of the world.
       I have no science to back up that claim, but learn discernment or ask your own spiritual guidance whether it is true.

  28. How long is the membership?
       The membership is for one year.

  29. What if I have questions?
       If you have a question, then probably someone else is wondering about the same thing. If your question pertains to this preview or FAQ, then click on the inkwell at the bottom of the page and email me. I'll add it to this FAQ.
        I offer free advice and support for the course through a private bulletin board forum for members only. Having a sense of community of shared experience is important for spiritual growth. People learn from reading the experience of others, so I prefer to offer support in an open venue. Shy members may post anonymously. r>   We also have live chat meetings periodically where members may present their questions or issues.
        Members who insist on receiving one-on-one attention will find my rates are reasonable.

  30. Do I have to become a vegetarian?
       I am not a vegetarian, and won't ask you to become one, but it is up to your inner voice. Many vegetarians find they need to eat meat, after awakening. It helps them to stay grounded. You may experience some dietary sensitivities, as the cleansing process evolves. This is covered in the course.

  31. Will I be enlightened at the end of it?
       If only I had that sort of magic wand, but it is up to you, and up to the Will of Goddess. Enlightenment comes from within. Goddess will do it, if you are persistent in surrendering your fear of the future... and your regrets of the past, and all that other stuff. Certainly you will feel lighter, more joyous and free, but enlightenment is a journey, not a destination. There are not limits to bliss.


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