It's well-known that Mystress Angelique Serpent's writings carry an extraordinary energy. I, too, can personally attest to being frequently blissed out by her words. The Kundalini experience is beyond anything imaginable, so whether you are only just beginning a spiritual journey, or already well on your way, her knowledge of all aspects of Kundalini will assure that you will be safely and powerfully guided. This course is a rare opportunity for all those who wish to experience what is, quite literally, inexpressible.

    Love, Hillary



    I first stumbled across a Mystress Angelique Serpent posting some years ago, on a spiritual listserv. My first thought upon seeing her signature line was “HOW can a professional DOMINTRIX be spiritual? Isn’t that mutually exclusive?” But something moved me past my initial discomfort with my preconception of what MAS did...and proceeded to let me absorb what she was/is and the message she brought to me and continues to bring to this world.

    My own meandering spiritual process was jumpstarted by reading her posts. My ideas, my illusions were shattered, blown apart and restructured in such a way that spelled freedom. Love. Relaxation. Acceptance. Joy. Release. I met myself. I released fear.

    I had no idea what Kundalini was or meant, but soon discovered I had probably had an active K most of my life. I finally started to understand myself from reading MAS’s description of the K experience. Sexuality and spirituality, the two things I both felt so strongly, yet separately, for so much of my life...often the cause of much guilt for me - began to merge in a beautiful union. I began to see myself as a completely different being. I began to forgive myself, love myself, realize my own power. Life started looking different. Everything changed. Everything.... I learned to embrace my darker side. I stopped judging myself. I then as a side effect, stopped judging others. I can now truly exist in the moment.

    A true gift. All from a woman I’ve never met, thousands of miles away. I did the work, but she is and continues to be Goddess, teacher, mirror, Crone-goddess, the infinite, friend.

    Over the years, I’ve saved various MAS postings to various email groups. I find I come back to her writings over and over. I was thrilled when I found out she was creating an Tantra Online Web. An organized, beautifully crafted presentation of knowledge, energy and love. I find myself using it as a spiritual encyclopedia, or a re-grounding tool. Some days I simply randomly click on a lesson and it resonates with some issue I’m dealing with. I think, if one is not familiar with MAS, or Kundalini, it is wise to approach the course with an open mind and heart, following one’s own pacing. I find myself listening and watching the video lessons over and over...each time, gleaning a new nugget of information about myself or humanity or Goddess or reality.

    MAS embodies a vision. She gave me hope. She taught me about my own power. My human experience on this earth has been so richly enhanced by my exposure to her writings, her thoughts, her beautiful energy and her great love. I am forever grateful.

   I can only encourage others to be brave and take the journey offers.




    I started my life as a mathematician and during my PhD I also met the Serpent. It was a very confusing time, as my perceptions changed, my early memories returned and frankly, my whole worldview changed. I joined the Kundalini mailing list and shortly after that the Kundalini-Sex list as I slowly started to be more aware of myself.

    I got attracted to Mystress Angelique. The things she said, the profoundness of it. And mostly the possibilities she offers to people. Possibilities to shape your world, have more bliss, have a deeper understanding and feel more love. I'm glad she created the Tantra course; it is available to everyone who wants to connect with it.

    It is a rough path, that is for sure. But if you like rollercoasters and can enjoy the thrill, if you believe in the sacredness of your body and the sacredness of sexuality and want to surrender to the Goddess it might be something for you.

    I enjoyed the teachings of Mystress very much. Sometimes it was rough as I worked through old emotions, sometimes it was blissfull and felt like Goddess herself but I always felt safe during the course in its early shape under Mystress guidance and her empowerment of me. And I'm still learning, still processing, still cursing sometimes, still enjoying. The Kundalini awakening never stops, it can only get better.

    Today I have stopped being a professional mathematician. I studied psychology, started my own company, try to incorporate my spiritual life into my work and in how I live. Am exploring my sexuality deeper and deeper, offering help to people who need it and want it and many other beautiful changes I never have imagined before.

    The cliche is true; the Kundalini awakening has changed my life for the better and the Tantric course has supported and guided me immensely.

    This is how I look at Mystress's course. Feel the words, read the intro of the course and decide for yourself if you want to go along with it. I promise to you it will be exciting.


    Jasper (Netherlands)



    While I had learned from many different sources, I never found a teacher whose wisdom felt complete enough for me to commit as a student. I was 43 years old when I came across Mystress Angelique Serpent. Something with the myself told me that she was the one who could help me put altogether. My instincts were correct, and she has taught me out to surrender and allow my own Kundalini to clear a path within me. Despite still having many difficulties in my life, I have found great peace and an ecstatic happiness, and have learned how to continue learning from the voice of the great Wisdom within myself. She is a wise and powerful spiritual teacher, and has a teaching method that it is flexible, down-to-earth, non-intrusive and extremely effective. Is great blessings that her teachings are now organized into this wonderful course. It is well worth the $$, and the interesting and joyful time and effort required to follow her lessons.

   John Percyval



   I have a book for recording dreams and also use it as a journal for the FST course. Before writing this I read through it and found a dream from 1/96: In a school cafeteria, a cougar picks me out of the crowd and bites me on the hand. To those around it seemed to be my fault, but I say I haven t done anything at all. Then in exasperation I say, "Who will be my mentor?"
   Later that year I joined the k-list and met Mystress Angelique Serpent there. Now, after almost 5 years, it seems she decided to take that position. I cannot tell you how many times, after reading her posts, I went into a state of jaw-dropping awe, amazed at how she could address my issues with such accuracy. And the timing! Its synchronicity at it s finest. Her ability to hear and communicate is truly a gift most people don t tap into. You see, I rarely ever posted anything to the list.
   The FST course is an exceptional collection of work that, on reflection, has had more of an empowering influence on me than anything else. It has brought me out of sleep and into awareness, sometimes awake-ness, and who knows, maybe someday enlightenment. She has and continues to show me the way.

    Carla, USA



    When I first started working with Mystress Angelique Serpent, I was in so much emotional pain as the result of the loss of almost everything I valued that life was literally unlivable. This was so even though I was under the care of an excellent psychologist whom I had known for nearly ten years and I was on an anti-depressant. I’m a very successful writer and I am finishing raising five children by myself. I had to find a way out of where I was in order to keep my life going and nothing was working.

    I was sent to Angelique by a Theosophical teacher who was familiar with Angelique’s ability to help people heal when everything else had failed. That turned out to be true in my case as well. Within a couple of months of starting to work with Angelique, using the techniques she offers in the course, starting out with the grounding technique, I was in a different place. It took about four months of work with her techniques before I was able to come of the anti-depressants completely. I am now out of therapy and emotionally stable yet it has been less than a year since I first started using her grounding exercises. I still suffer from emotional pain because I am highly empathic by nature, but I have learned ways to work through and to release the distress so it no longer disables me.

    I am profoundly grateful for the changes in my wellbeing as I put together a new life for myself and I cannot recommend her course highly enough.

    The course is offered at what I consider to be a minimal amount. Each time I saw a psychiatrist to check on my medication, the hourly rate charged at my clinic for his services was $295.00, which I paid out of my own pocket as my depression was considered a pre-existing condition under my current health plan. The rate charged for my psychologist was $110.00 per hour and I got to see her for 40 minutes of that hour, but the $110.00 showed up on the bill. The Zoloft medication I was on was $72.00 for each 30 days supply. What price then for mental health? The ability to work through and survive severe emotional pain is a priceless gift that has come only because of the techniques I’ve learned through working with Angelique. I will be grateful for this for the rest of my life.

    I can be contacted directly to verify anything written in this letter.

   Mystress comments: "Just a reminder: I am not a Psychiatrist."



    I am in my late forties and considered a successful businessman. My work takes me around the world and by material standards, I earn a handsome income. I've started successful companies and held senior positions in many established corporations. However, it always seemed that no matter how hard I would try, there was always something missing, something more about life that was just beyond my reach.

    I re-examined myself and found that the missing element was, as always is, the spiritual factor in everything. As a child and into my adult life, it was always this area that everything else revolved around. I found that many of my experiences, the good and the bad, the unresolved pain and unexpressed bliss, stifled for whatever reasons at the time, were still there. They were waiting, needing healing, to come out, and to be expressed so I could move on. I needed a cleansing cry, a belly laugh, a way to process past events that were in the past which I didn't honor at the time. I was stuck and could not find an outlet for satisfaction. I believed the opportunities to deal with the ignored emotional events of my life were long gone and forever lost.

    I also made another major discovery. Events, like people, and things had an energy in the physical that had to be expressed. Sex was the strongest physical energy. The energy did not just go away, it always expressed somehow. The supreme power of love and sex and spirit could take the form of the unspent energy in whatever form it was and give it the outlet it needed to escape, to allow me to feel joy, grow and meet the divine.

    This Tantra course helped me complete my life to date and address the issues and lessons that needed to be processed in order for me to move on. I would have just kept coming back. It helped me reach a plateau of peace and knowledge and spiritual completeness that prepared me for my next step of growth. It showed me the beauty and power of divine sex and love and gave me the appreciation of these wonderful gifts as we reach for union with the divine. It gave me the path to follow to continue learning to love and to unfold in my purpose with that whom we call God and Goddess.

    I recommend this course with all of my heart. I recommend it in honor of my physical body and the bodies of all of my sisters and brothers on the path of sacred sex and union with spirit. It is not for the faint of heart for those souls who begin this journey shall bless the day they were made to see.
   Louis G.
    June 24, 2000

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