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       Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.

    Bertrand Russell

       "This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness."

    -Dalai Lama.

       "There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from."

    -Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

       "If you try to impose a rigid discipline while teaching a child or a chimp you are working against the boundless curiosity and need for relaxed play that make learning possible in the first place... learning cannot be controlled; it is out of control by design. Learning emerges spontaneously, it proceeds in an individualistic and unpredictable way, and it achieves its goal in its own good time. Once triggered, learning will not stop--unless it is hijacked by conditioning."

    -- Roger Fouts in Next of Kin

        "Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence."

       "I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details."

    -- Albert Einstein

       Life is the only real counselor; wisdom unfiltered through personal experience does not become a part of the moral tissue.

    Edith Wharton

       I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.

    Jessica Rabbit, in "Who Killed Roger Rabbit?"


    Who is Mystress Angelique Serpent?

       Angelique writes: I have been having spiritual experiences all my life, for most of my life I did not realize that my experiences and awareness were not "normal". I presumed that everyone had these experiences, but didn't talk about them. In the course of a life with so many spiritual experiences, I have aquired many qualifications. I am a Shaman, a Shaktipat Master, a pagan High Priestess, 3rd Degree, a Yogina, a clairvoyant, a chaneller and a Reiki Master. I have been doing Hatha Yoga since I was 16, and have been active in the "New Age" scene as a spiritual guide and Tantric teacher for many years. I have been stirring Kundalini awake within people since 1987, although back then I did not call it by that term.

       I have memories of my own birth, and my time in the womb. I remember coming from the center of the Earth at age 2, and had many precognitive and psychic experiences as a child. I used to watch the glow from my third eye to fall asleep, in my crib, and had nightmares as a child that I later recognised as part of the Shamanic process. I began actively studying hypnosis and spirituality at age 12.

       My psychic abilities exploded when I was in High School, after a lucid dream of UFO abduction. At that time I was mostly on a "Sky path" working with the light energy from above, and listening to the voice of my heart. I had many symptoms of awakened Kundalini as a teenager, but I did then not understand that to be the cause. I did not have any external support from my experiences, so I eventually repressed the talents and went thru several years of "Spiritual Winter" in early adulthood.

        In hindsight, this was a blessing, because without that experience of being disconnected from source, I would not know what it is like, to be an unawakened adult. It was very lonely, and painful. Like the song goes, "you don't know what you've got till it's gone".

       After several years silent, my psychic talents and spiritual gifts began to slowly return, and I started working more with the Earth energy as well as the Sky energy. In the latter 1980's I went into the light. During that experience, many several of my spiritual beliefs were validated, but afterwards I felt the loneliness often experienced by those who have a Near-death experience, wanting to go home and not knowing how to get back there. In frustration I prayed to learn how to manifest Heaven on Earth, and the inner voice started guiding me toward exploring the BDSM world. I was resistant, because those ideas were inconsistent with my limiting beliefs of how a "Spiritual person" should behave.

        Eventually Goddess persuaded and coerced me past my repressive attitudes, to become a Professional dominatrix so that I would finally be able to make a decent living, learn more about human nature, and have the luxury of being free to devote most of my spare time to meditation and spiritual pursuits. I felt like 2 separate people, the sadistic Dom and the fluffy bunny seeker. I focused on finding the common ground between them, and integrating these apparently polarized aspects of my personality.

       BDSM led to to taking another look at Tantra, which led to studying Kundalini, and I was dumbfounded one day to recognize that submission to me was causing spontaneous Kundalini awakening, in my clients.

        Finally I understood that when my clients told me my sessions were "unusually intense", it was not just roleplay flattery. They meant "Kundalini awakening intense". I'd had no idea.

       I knew sometimes I seemed to have a "catalyst" effect on people and they would start making big changes in thier lives as a result of spending "quality time" with me. I didn't know it was the effect of contagious Kundalini. This did not seem consensual, so I took a 2 year sabbatical to find out why Goddess had been using me in this way.

        This realization spelled the beginning of the end of my career as a "mainstream" Pro-Dominatrix. Kundalini awakening had not been part of my Roleplay negotiations, and it seemed unfair to be Shaktipat contagious to my clients without asking consent. Asking consent was awkward, and BDSM without K-fire was boring to me, so I retired as a Pro-Dom, and devoted my energy to my own growth, to understanding why Shaktipat is so powerfully enhanced by BDSM roleplay. I enjoyed tending to my email lists, counselling and advising other awakened people, and playing with my personal slaves.

       I found a wealth of commonality between my spirituality and my Dominance, best expressed by the axiom: "A leader is in service to the needs of those she leads". Yet, followers are inspired by the vision of a leader.

        Surrendering to a Guru and to the Divine Beloved Within is common to Eastern philosophies, but is a hard concept to grasp, for most Westerners.

        At the beginning of my journey as a Pro-Dom I had become a Shaman, and I found much resonance between the altered states of BDSM endorphin play and Shamanic ritual, between my whips and the "Zen Master's cane".

       Putting the concept of surrender to Divine Will, into a framework of sexual submission is easier for the Western mind to assimilate. Fire Serpent Tantra, is the "middle path" between all these various influences. Thus, I am using the models of Dominance and submission to express the process of surrendering Free Will to Divine Will, that is the fundamental imperative of Kundalini Mysticism.


    Transcript of the Video Lesson

        Hello. My name is Mystress Angelique Serpent. That is the name that the still small voice within gave to me when it directed me to explore female dominance and the BDSM scene. I'm perhaps better known as a spiritual teacher than as a female dominant. However, one reason why I've become such well-known spiritual teacher is because of the lessons I have learned through this amazing journey through the SM world that I made, that I was dragged to make, kicking and screaming by the will of Goddess within me.

        I am Kundalini-Awakened, and I have been Awakened all my life. When I was a little child in my crib, I used to watch the light of my third eye to fall asleep as a game. It wasn't until some years ago that I realized that not everybody had a light on inside of their minds. As a child I'd read stories about "the darkness in men's minds" as a figure of speech, and I never understood what the heck they were talking about, because my mind has never been dark. It's always been pretty well lit in there. I didn't understand that other people didn't have that.

        As I grew up, I had many many spiritual experiences. I had dreams of the future. I had awareness of spirits, fairies and entities around me. I'd experienced the Light for the first time when I was 12 years old, after reading a book called "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", which was the first idea I had it that maybe there was other ideas of spirituality besides what I was being taught as a little Catholic school girl. That there could maybe be ideas of spirituality that weren't about sin and judgment, and pain and death. Well, in some ways, maybe there aren't. Because sin, I now understand as Karma. And death, death comes to us all at sometime. And the process of Kundalini is sometimes referred to as "the death of the Ego".

        All of these things are the polarities of Zen. The opposites like light and shadow that create all of the many colors of the world that we live in. In (I think it was) 1989, I went into the Light, in the experience very similar to what people who have near death experiences describe, except that I wasn't having a near death experience, I was meditating. And while I was in the Light, I had an awful lot of questions to ask about the nature of reality. And I discovered that Richard Bach was right, God doesn't judge what we do, but we do. And those judgments that we make about ourselves shape our experience.

        Sometime after that, I said, "Fine. If God doesn't judge, then I'm tired of learning from pain. I'm tired of learning from negative experiences. I want to start to learn from happiness and joy." And part of that process led me into the BDSM scene, to exploring some aspects of my own sexuality, dominance and sadism, that I had always considered too inappropriate, with my ideas of myself as a spiritual person, to really even be understood, or comprehended, or even guessed at. It was repressed. And for long time, I felt like I was two people. On one hand, there was this little white lighter fluffy bunny good spiritual person. And the other hand, Goddess had dragged me into exploring this polarity of this scary dominatrix who wanted people to kiss her feet. And I knew that an important part of this was so that these two apparent polarities could be integrated into one, that I could learn to see the light and the dark in both of them.

        Then gradually I came to understand that the BDSM female dominant world that I was exploring had an awful lot in common with some of the Eastern ideals of "service to other", of guru worship. Even the idea of the Zen Master's cane could be found in the realms of the BDSM scene. Whereas on the other hand, this white lighter spiritual fluffy bunny that I was in many ways was very repressed, very judgmental, and not really unconditionally loving at all. If she was unconditionally loving, then she would have had an easier time giving love to the part of me that was a dominant sadist.

        So I came to see the light and the dark in both of them. And as I grew, and as I learned, I came to unify them into the woman that you see before you, that is a manifestation of the Cosmic Serpent which has always been a symbol of Divine Wisdom and Creativity since the earliest times of human history.

        Becoming a dominatrix was not my idea. As I say, I was very repressed. I had a lot of judgments about that. And Goddess dragged me into this realm kicking and screaming, heels dragging in the carpet every inch of the way. But I followed anyway. Not without some complaints, because I am a dominant person, and I've always been very very stubborn. But She did have a tendency of getting me to that place where dominants get to, where they surrender because they've got no other option.

        I started getting to know submissive men. And in some ways, they they were kind of miraculous to me. Here were people who could have an experience that most of us would run a mile from (the experience of being tortured, helpless, bound, humiliated), and get light from it, find joy and bliss in it. And I thought, if they could find happiness in this, then they must know something that I don't. And in the experience of talking them, I discovered that as a result of my own spiritual explorations, there was also a lot of stuff that I knew that they didn't. And so gradually these two things that are really polarized to most people became unified into a whole that is bigger than both of them, and more beautiful and wiser, and is really what I call "Fire Serpent Tantra".

        There is light in everything. There is beauty in everything. And the part of us that is our own instinctive wisdom comes from Goddess. We are made "in the image". There's really two ways to evolve. There's two kinds of spirituality. There's the ascetic kind of spirituality that says deny the body, be celibate, and starve yourself, and really try to run away from the body off into the Light. And then there is the "body first method", which is often the method of Sexual Tantra, where we say, "No. Let's move into the body. And let's listen to the wisdom of the body. And let's explore it. Because the body knows that it is made out of Light. It is the Conscious Mind that thinks it isn't, that makes judgments about better or worse."

        The ascetic side often says that, "We are better than the animals. We are in dominion of nature." But the body first one doesn't have these same ideals. The body knows that is made of the same Light and Love and Cosmic Energy as the animals, and as the things. You, and me, and this chair that I'm sitting on are all made out of the same Sacred Energy.

        So, while I am a female dominant and I am in a position of leadership, I am not a female supremacist. I believe in the Zen ideal of the equality of all things. However, I also recognize that every attempt at an egalitarian society among humans, whether it's the U.S. or the USSR, has always created more and more elaborate pecking orders. And so I have to come to the conclusion that hierarchy structures are a part of Nature. They're a part of Nature's design. They're a part of the herd instincts that make us human. And I believe the Divine purpose of that is teamwork.

        Now whether that team is a football team, or whether it's a corporation, Goddess made humans into leaders, and followers, and tag-alongs, so that together, we could accomplish goals that are bigger than anything that we could do alone. I see perfection that, and I think it's very very beautiful. And in many ways my leadership is grounded in an ideal that a leader is in service to the needs of those she leads. Leadership is also service. And if you look at any political campaign, you'll see that really what makes a leader, is having a vision that inspires people to follow them.

        Now, I am a Matriarch. I believe that in some ways, women are much better in a leadership position than men are. We've got unified brains. We've got DNA that makes us want to think of taking care of each other instinctively. We can do many things at once. And so this is a female dominant Tantra course, and I am a female dominant. I happen to think that women are better at that. Now, you might disagree. That's okay, because limitless manifestation means that it really does take all kinds of people to make the world. And I know this course isn't going to be right for everybody. My question is, "Take a look; do you think it's right for you?"

        I have a vision of a culture that honors the Earth, that is our Mother, instead of trying to have dominion of Nature and rule over it. I have a vision of a planet that can live together in harmony, where people take care of each other, instead of going to war with each other. I think that in some ways, perhaps will never get rid of war. Competition is part of nature, too. I mean, if you've ever weeded a garden, then you know that even plants compete for resources and territory. But there's a difference between competition and war. I have a vision of a beautiful place of this planet. I see perfection in where it is right now. I see perfection in several thousand years of patriarchy that brought us the technology that brings my smiling face to you today.

        But I also see that the calendar has changed over to the feminine. That there is a huge movement that says we need to revere this Earth instead of raping it. We need to take care of each other. That's what I want to see. I want to see people becoming Awakened, becoming aware of their own Divinity. That's really the only game in town for me.

        I'm at a place in my own spirituality where I really don't need anything. But, there is one thing that is really really beautiful to me, more beautiful than anything else I've done, and that is being able to lead people to discover how beautiful they really are, how unconditionally loved they are by Goddess, by Spirit. Leading them to see the perfection of All That Is, instead of the limiting beliefs and judgments of imperfection that most people exist in. That is my vision as a leader.

        As a teacher, I am in service your needs, to your Heart, that knows that there' s more to life than having a job and doing your mundane things. That knows that there's more to you than what you've experienced so far. I can only lead you if you choose to follow. That's what consensuality is about. And I know that I'm not a teacher for everybody. There's many teachers on the planet. And limitless manifestation means there's all kinds of people.

        It's up to you to take a look at me, at the various information I've presented about myself, and think if I'm a leader that you want to follow, if maybe in the course of my journey I've learned some things that would be valuable to you, to your own growth. I want to see you be happier than you are now. I want to see you with your cup running over with Love, that you have to share with everyone you meet. That is my vision as a leader. That is the vision that I, too, am in service to. And that is what Goddess intended when she named me Mystress Angelique Serpent.

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