Mystress Angelique Serpent: Course intro by percyval.



Course intro by percyval.

One of my graduate students has written this essay explaining the course.

    Divinity, by whatever name you choose to call It, exists within us. This has been taught by many religions and spiritual systems throughout history. In the last few decades this concept has become even more widely accepted. In the Fire Serpent Tantra course, Mystress Angelique Serpent teaches a very effective and relatively simple way to make contact with this Divinity within ourselves. This course will teach you to learn the truth about "All That Is" from the most reliable source, your own Inner Voice. It is an active course of exercises and techniques to get you to understand the various parts of yourself, and to develop the discernment to distinguish between the voice of Goddess and voice of your own ego. It will begin a process of evolution within yourself that will continue to unfold on its own long after the course is finished.

    Fire Serpent Tantra is designed to be effective for people at various levels of spiritual development, from beginners to advanced students. Perhaps you are someone who is just beginning to feel that there is some deeper and greater aspect of yourself that you are desiring to explore. If so, this course will show you how to find what you are looking for. Even advanced students of various spiritual paths who already know how to access the Wisdom within are likely to find a framework that will help them a gain better understanding of what they have been experiencing, and will point the way toward continued growth and wisdom. Mystress Angelique's approach to awakening students is done in a way that is most likely to keep them balanced, centered and remaining very down-to-earth.

    Mystress Angelique Serpent is a master teacher of Kundalini, which is a powerful spiritual evolutionary force that exists within us. It is based in the Root Chakra at the base of the spine. When this force is unleashed and begins to rise through the chakras, it sparks a spiritual evolution that will ultimately lead one to fully realize his/her own Divinity. Kundalini Awakening gives us access to the Creative Power within us all that is constantly in the process of creating the Universe. This course will awaken the student's Kundalini, unless for some reason the student is not yet ready for it. For those students whose Kundalini is already awakened, the course is designed to teach the process of surrender to its power and wisdom. This surrender allows Kundalini to flow more freely through the chakras, which prevents most of the difficulties that are commonly associated with the process of Kundalini Awakening.

    Kundalini Awakening is often a chaotic and disturbing point in one's life that can cause much Karma to be released very quickly. Mystress Angelique keeps her students well grounded during their Awakening, which minimizes some of the disturbing symptoms which can occur. However, growth does not come easy, and an accelerated pace of growth can be even more difficult. By taking this course, you will be embarking on a spiritual journey from which there is no turning back. Kundalini Awakening is the fast track to spiritual evolution. This course should only be taken by those who are fully aware of this, and still feel compelled to move forward with their spiritual evolution despite whatever difficulties might arise along the path. If this sounds like what you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

    Mystress Angelique Serpent chooses the name "Goddess" to describe the Divine Force which is All-That-Is. This reflects her own matrifocal viewpoint. As she says in the introductory video clip, "The first section of the course is matrifocal, in that we are focusing on surrendering to the Divine Goddess, Shakti, which is symbolic of the Sacred Serpent of the Kundalini Energy. However, it is essentially a very complete Kundalini course. I teach you how to get grounded, how to awaken the energy within you, and also how to surrender with it. How to work with it in the process of living with it on a day-to-day basis. And also clearing your own Karma and your own blockages, so that this Divine Energy, this Divine Creative Energy, can evolve you. It will evolve you into someone that you cannot even imagine at this time. It will bring out your fullest potential, and you will become someone more amazing than you could ever have comprehended, perhaps more amazing than your most amazing dreams. That is the purpose of the Kundalini; that is what it does. It evolves your body and your consciousness to become a temple of the Goddess."

    This first section of the course is built around lessons presented by Mystress Angelique Serpent on video clips that usually run for between 5 to 10 minutes each. Along with these video clips, there is an exclusive website made available to her students which includes a web page to go along with each video lesson. Each web page includes a transcript of the related video clip to make it easy to review what was learned during the lesson. There is an additional essay on each topic to help complete the student's understanding of that section. Some of the other helpful tools included are links to other sites that expand further on each topic or examine the topic from different viewpoints, famous quotations related to the various lessons, and a bulletin board where questions and ideas brought up by the lessons can be discussed with Mystress Angelique and the other students. This is an extensive course which is likely to take about six months to complete.

    Over the last several years, Mystress Angelique Serpent has used these techniques to personally teach many students, including myself. I am so happy that her teachings are finally available in a form where her deep wisdom can be made available to a much wider audience. I have been actively pursuing spiritual studies for the last 30 years, and my Kundalini was awakened over 20 years ago. Yet because of many blockages to my Kundalini flow, I was not able to receive the great blessings and benefits of a full Kundalini Awakening. In many ways, this partial awakening had made my life quite difficult. Despite my awareness of being a part of All-That-Is, my life was still rather unbalanced, and I felt unfulfilled and often quite unhappy.

    I have learned from many different sources over the years, but I had never found a teacher whose wisdom felt complete enough for me to commit to being his/her student. That is, until three years ago at the age of 43. This is when I came across the perfect teacher for me, Mystress Angelique Serpent. Something within myself told me that she was the one who could help me put it all together. My instincts were correct, and she has taught me how to surrender and allow my own Kundalini to clear a path within me. Despite still having many difficulties in my life, I have found great peace and an ecstatic happiness. I have learned how to continue learning from the voice of the great Wisdom within myself. Mystress Angelique is a wise and powerful spiritual teacher, and she has a teaching method that it is flexible, down-to-earth, non-intrusive and extremely effective. It is a great blessing that her teachings are now organized into this wonderful course. It is well worth the $$, plus the joyfully fascinating time and effort required to follow her lessons.

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