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    "....I would be remiss if I did not sound a warning concerning the dangers associated with a radical change of consciousness. Just at the time when you are ready to move toward the new way of being, the terror often strikes. Part of it is panic over the prospect of giving up the security of the familiar, of relinquishing old habits, of letting go of old relationships and even of your hard-won self image. You will probably ask: Do I possess the necessary courage, the stamina, that is needed to walk this path? If I release the attachment to an identity that no longer serves me, will something better take its place? And if, by some happy miracle, I emerge from the terror transformed into a truer, more coherent self, will I still be recognized by friends as a friend and by my lover as a lover?
   These terrors are the last struggle of the archons to maintain their negative powers over those who would eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge."

Seeing Through the Visible World. Jung, Gnosis, and Chaos. By Dr. June Singer.

   When you succeed in awakening the Kundalini, so that it starts to move out of it's mere potentiality, you necessarily start a world which is totally different from our world.

Carl Jung, 1932.



   Kundalini is considered by many to be the most powerful force in the Universe, and such power must be respected. Once the Divine energy is awakened within you, Goddess Shakti has a mind of Her own and I cannot be held responsible for how She treats you.

   Kundalini Awakening through the heart chakra is extremely gentle. However, Kundalini awakening in general has been known to cause psychosis, allergies, and difficulties with employment and relationships. Many people who become spontaneously awakened suffer for years with physical pain and emotional disturbances. In my experience, most of the "difficult" awakenings seem to me to be caused quite directly to the individual's fear and resistance to the process. Any spiritual or psychic background seems to cushion the process, providing practice at accepting the unexplainable. Faith is the most important factor. If you seek to become awakened, you must be prepared to turn your life over to Divine Will.

   However important the warnings may be, trust in Goddess is more important. K. is intense sometimes, but It is also inherently self protecting. It's purpose is evolution, not destruction.

   Sometimes the old must be torn down to create the new: humans sometimes find change distressing, we are fearful of the new and unknown.. this causes emotional hardship, where K. is involved.

   Resistance causes discomfort.
  Trust and surrender lead to transcendence.

   I believe those who are drawn to read this site are brought to this cyberspace temple step by step, by their Higher Self's guidance.
  Likely you have been drawn or guided to this course by your own Higher Self, for just the purpose of awakening your Kundalini and starting your feet on the path of Enlightenment.



   Since I cannot control Goddess, or your individual responses, we assume no responsibility or liability for injuries or emotional distress suffered by you, your training partners, and anyone else you come into contact with.

   I am not a psychiatrist! This course is not recommended for people who are mentally ill. If you are mentally ill and awakened, I suggest you seek the services of a Jungian psychiatrist. Links to counseling resources are below.

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  Please note: In Canada where the course is based, all psychic services and non vocational training including yoga classes are classified as entertainment for tax purposes.



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